Deep Black. Team Tactical Espionage

Target Platform: PC
Players: 1 – 32
Current Engine: UNITY 5

You and your teams job is simple, 

Find the package, stop Mutually Assured Destruction protocol.



A „next“ generation Online FirstPerson Game Concept , focused on an intense psychological, cinematic first Person Stealth and Recon combat experience. Sequential / non-linear Sandbox Mission-design and other concepts to take another approach to story driven multiplayer games, combining COOP gameplay within competitional mission scenarios.

One of my one-man passion projects, originally written around 1999, completly re-written around 2003 redefining class and squad-based competitive and cooperational multiplayer, where stealth and teamplay are key.

The first prototype was made with Source Engine, starting concept and art assets a year before. I focused on different parts with every version and game-engine like visual look and feel, large scale sandbox environments, UI etc.


Recent prototype


UNITY 5, 2015-2016


Old Prototypes


CryEngine 3 SDK, ~2013

Unreal Engine 3 (UDK), ~2011

Source Engine, ~2005



Concept art