Welcome, my name’s Paul.

Very curious and passionate in what I do.

Free thinker, all about art,  interactive graphic and game-design since 1992.

So, a long time ago, me about 7-8 years old, decided to become a nerd-wizard in graphic- and game-design. I love to R&D, explore and experiment, writing design concepts and (rapid) prototyping games, or parts of them.

This is my personal portfolio, showing some of my projects, past and current.
You’ll find more of my work under GAME PROJECTS and GRAPHICS.


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Current and last game prototypes

A room-escape puzzle-platformer prototype
A dark-future action-adventure prototype
A Tactical Espionage FPS prototype


A 2P Versus strategy Arkanoid-type

Project: K - Soccer League

Fast paced 4vs4, create & train, buy & sell players


2P Versus Hackysack, FunSports

You can also find me here ...